Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Ladies,

Lately, a friend of mine from Revlon called me and he told me that Revlon will launch their new line of make up and he wanted me to give it a first try. Of course it would be my pleasure to give it a shot.. hihihihihihi..

After I gave him my complete address, finally the package arrived two days later, and it looks huge :D
The package arrived safely..

When I opened the packages it contains of a paper bag filled with so many make ups, 2 eyeshadows, foundation, gel liner and mini brush set, and also CD of product release .. I was happily shocked.. ahahahahaha..

I was sooo excited to try all the products. Lets, do product swatches!!

1. Revlon ColorStay 16 Hours Quad Eyeshadow (IDR 105.000,-)

The colors are so pigmented and have a satin finished! The colors are so real even without a primer. I tried to use it in the morning, and it still stayed on my lid after more than 8 hours. Amazing!

Eyeshadow #540 Inspire: green, purple, blue, light yellow.
I used all the colors for this look. I really love it! My favorite!

Eyeshadow #550 Enchanted:  Light pink, dark grey, light beige, light chrome
This colors are for everyone and every occasion!

This Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow, doesn't crease, fade or smudge, and last for more than 18 hours, Proven!

2. Revlon ColorStay Gel Liner (IDR 75.000,-)
The first thing that I noticed the most was the packaging. It's so unique how they put the brush inside the cap of the packaging. I got the brown liner, it has a glitter but still good for everyday look. It's waterproof enough and not easy to fade after few hours. 

3. Revlon Age Defying Foundation
The pump packaging makes this foundation so easy to use and to measure amount of the usage. The only thing that annoys me is the scent of this foundation. The smell is weird, maybe they have a reason why the scent of this foundation is not good. Sadly, I've got a shade that is too light for my skin tone. Maybe I can mix it with my other shade.

That's all ladies! Thanks to Revlon who kindly sent me this package. My favorite is the green-purple-blue-yellow eyeshadow. The colors are so pretty and also pigmented. One product that I will surely recommend you to buy :).

Lizzie Parra


  1. itu goodie bagnya ga dibagi gratis? hihihihi
    eyelinernya bagus ga chil? berapaan?


    1. hahahaha... ai kasih paper bagnya aja gmana cha?
      Eyelinernya oke kok, cukup tahan lama :)


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