Hi everyone, I am Lizzie Parra and I have a serious case of loving makeup! Ever since I was a little girl, I'm always drawn to colors, drawing and coloring had been my long time best friends. The fondness grew even more when I was in the university (I studied business). I used to get all dolled up almost everyday whenever I'm going out to a dinner, a party or even to class :p When I graduated, I got offered a job in one of the best International Beauty Company in Indonesia... and can you imagine that? It's like the universe gave me ways to learn more about makeup! 

Now, I'm taking a new big step and putting my passion for makeup in a better phase. It's been 3 years and I'm enjoying every second of it. 

Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything, you can send an email to:
info@lizzieparra.com (makeup inquiries)
contact@lizzieparra.com (business inquiries)

Stay in touch with me in my other social media:
Instagram @bylizzieparra
Youtube Lizzie Parra

Lizzie Parra
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