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Hi guys,
In this post I wanna say thank you to all of you who helped me in choosing the products that I use in this tutorial. I've got so many good stuffs and I'm excited to share it with you. I got all the products from Multiply. Surprisingly, it was very easy to do all the transactions. Here I'll show you the stuffs I've bought at many different shop, such as Kesho Shop, Celtic Butik, Kanawa Shop, and Pauline Boutique.

Wet and Wild Eyeshadow from Kanawa Boutique
Pallado Rice Paper from Pauline Boutique
Urban Decay Skull Shadow from Pauline Boutique
BB Cream Skin79 from Celtic Butik
Claire's Pop Star Kit from Celtic Butik
The Balm Balmbini from Pauline Boutique

See, I found so many good stuffs, and the shopping process was super easy. I'll let you know the steps after the tutorial!

As requested, I'm using Wet and Wild Petal Pusher Eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is pretty and pigmented. Here I show you the steps, enjoy :)

The look is bold but still look pretty, yes? I really hope you learn something from my tutorial :)

Anyway, do read 'til the end of this post to find my Birthday Giveway, yeay!


Back to Multiply, let me show you how I ordered, paid, and got my stuffs safely

1. Choose your shop. If you are confused, you can find it in Multiply Market Place. They sell a lot of things start from cosmetic, fashion, apparel, computer, and even cars. I chose Cosmetic and Beauty

2. After choosing the stuff you like, (for example) then choose The Balm Balmbini Palette from Pauline Boutique.

3. Then it will show a page like this. Choose "BELI SEKARANG" if the product is ready in stock. And choose "TANYA PENJUAL" if the product is PO (Pre-order).

4. Here goes the list that I bought that day. You can shop at more than one place, but the receipt will appear in one page, so you won't get confused. For example, I also bought Claire's Pop Star Kit from Celtic Butik.

5. After you've done shopping, you have to insert your email address, then fill in your data such as name, address, and phone numbers.

6. Multiply will ask which address to deliver your stuffs, and after that you can choose which payment method you prefer. I chose Klik BCA.

7. Shortly, you will receive confirmation emails about the total receipt and within 2 days you will have to settle the payment.

8. If you already pay the bill, they will send you this kind of email, and your process is finished! You just have to wait within 3-5 days, your stuffs will arrive at your door :D

It's time for

I'm celebrating my birthday every 2nd of February and I'm so in the mood of giving something for you guys. Please don't ask how old I am! Hahahaha..!

I will give Multiply shopping voucher worth of Rp. 200.000 for 3 winners who can:
- Share this post to everywhere you like! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Everywhere! 
- Tell me why you like to read my story and what would you love to see on my website in the future?

Send your answer to my email at with subject "My Wish for Lizzie Parra"

3 winners who can inspire me will win the voucher from Multiply. And the best answer will get another birthday gift from me which worth more than Rp 500.000,- ^_^

And another GOOD NEWS,
for all of you who already read this post, you will get a 10% discount for every purchase in Multiply (only valid in TRUSTED SELLER MULTIPLY) with minimum payment Rp. 20.000,- . 
Just put the discount code "ID-LIZZIEBDAY" when you're asked to select the payment method and Tadaaaa! your 10% discount is active :).

I hope this post will brighten your day like I always do when reading your comments and positive energy :)

Have a nice day everyone!

Stay Awesome, 
Lizzie Parra


  1. Cakep! Ternyata ada kerjasama bareng kantor guwee toh...hehehe :)

  2. hai kak, join giveawaynya yah..
    udah kirim email tadi ya
    share giveaway di facebook :
    dan twitter : @Reeeeeezki

    Happy early birthday!! :D

  3. cantikkk banget >.<
    langsung download video nya haha

    thanks for the tutorial ^^


  4. Udah aku share di facebook XD

    You inspired me so much to take a big step to be a Make up artist XD

  5. Shalom...
    Bride to be :) aku join giveawaynya.
    udah sent email and share di facebook.

    Link :

    God bless you


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