Friday, December 14, 2012



I always love Giorgio Armani Foundation.
I've been using Luminous and Designer Lift Foundation and definitely fall in love with the consistency, the texture, the smell and the flawless effect on the skin.

Lately I heard about the newest foundation called "Maestro Fushion Makeup"
The campaign said that we dont need to use powder and primer for this foundation and we just have to use our own fingers for application as we use it to apply our serum or moisturizer.

One day, a friend of mine who studying in Paris went home and without any doubt I requested her to buy me a shade of Maestro Foundation from Giorgio Armani, and here it is I recorded a video as a review for this hyped foundation.

The texture is different from any other Armani foundations. Lighter texture and has a velvet finished after blending in our face. The coverage is medium and matte. I used it for 6 hours and it still stays in place. Check my video for more details.

Here's my pros and cons

- Light texture and velvet finished
- Nice smell
- Staying power is quite good
- Have SPF 15
- Medium coverage, so it's nice to use as a daily makeup

- The application is not hygienic (use hand)
- Expensive (around IDR 700)
- Not available in Indonesia (Hongkong is the nearest from here)

Hope my review help you to know better about this Maestro Foundation :)

Stay Awesome,
Lizzie Parra

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  1. Chil! Bagusan mana antara si maestro, luminous, chanel vitalumiere, sama dior airflash? Muka gue berminyak btw, acne prone juga dgn mayan banyak acne scars geto dehh >.< Prefer finish yg natural gitu, both untuk daily ataupun special event (tp bukan buat kewong jadi gak usah perfect2 amat) hehe recommendation pls! :D


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