Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hi, guys
How are you today? 
I am great and now excited on working for a special project with one beauty brand from Paris.

In this post I just want to share my current favorite, since today is my day off so I'm in the mood of writing something good for you :).

When it comes to watch as an accessories, I always prefer something classy and simple. Without glitter nor blink blink. So, when I looked at Daniel Wellington watches without any doubt I said to my self that I must have this watch! hahahahha.. 
The watches are so classy and have many choices of colors.

My next haul, I think! hahahahaha..

Daniel Wellington was a man with a colorful personality, and the brand is a tribute to him. Their first collection consist of one model which has a slim, stylish case, eggshell suit dal and interchangeable nato strap with a different color combination.

"Wait, nato strap? what's that??"

Nato strap was first used by the royal navi divers during world war II, then mad famous by the James Bond movies when Sir Sean Connery combined the nato strap with his Rolex submariner. Cool, huh?!

And This is me with my Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford.  You can say I'm in love with my watch! 

They were nominated as one of the best booth in Brightspot market, you can see the design of the booth is so classy and so cool!

Oh, you can get this cool DW watches at Goods Dept. Plaza Indonesia. They have more variant colors, just visit, choose and take it home!!

Lizzie Parra

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