Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi, Ladies, how are you today? Everything's good? 
I wish you had a great days, because I had a great days :). I am recovering from my campak, my best friend getting married, my relationship status is going to the next level. God is good!!

Well, have anyone in here ever watch Michelle Phan Short Movie "Rouge in Love" ?
The story is about Michelle found a new crush in Paris because of her lipstick mark on her tissue?
Yes, the lipstick is from Lancome, it's Rouge In Love and now the lipstick is available in Indonesia!!!

And you know what, Lancome sent me a surprise gifts by sending me 10 shades of their new Rouge In Love lipsticks!!! 

Envy?? Oh, yes I know you are! ahahahahahaha..!

Now I have 8 of them, because I gave two shades to my best friends Lia and Mega hihihihi..

I think everyone is waiting for this Rouge In love Lipsticks.
This lipstick is more into fashion accessory, it has a silver handy cap with a red mark "Rouge In Love" and also a red top stitching, drawing inspiration from the intricate weave of couture stockings. Cuteness!

It has 27 shades of colors that you can use everyday, day and night. 
It has a code in every shades, M is for Morning which has a lighter and sheer colors, and N is for Night which has more pigmented and shocking colors. 

The texture is like your second skin, very light and moist. The secret is they are melt on application, leaving a concentrate of colors on the lips.
Ohya, it has like a pearl particles so your lips will be your centre of attention, very sophisticated!

If you scared with colors, don't worry, they have so many colors that suit you, because some of them are more to sheer and natural colors, so it really good for your daily use, to brighten up your day. 

I will give you my own lip swatches for your reference..

Get annoyed by my lips?? Hahahaha Im sorry, I was too lazy to put some make up so I choose to captured my lips only.. My own favorite are 280N Bibi Rose and 132M Corail In Love. I think im in the mood for a peachy colors heheheheehe..

Lancome have a quick tips for using this Rouge in Love Lipsticks:
  • To veil the lips in the light, sheer shade, pout as if you are blowing a kiss and simply dab in Rouge In Love with your Fingertips. An ultra bee-stung effect.
  • Feel free to blend shades to create your own color. For example, for a fresh and glowing result combine 'Rose Boudoir' with 'Violette Coquette' and set it off with the touch of 'Bold Fushia'. An instant healthy looking glow.
  • Play with contrast by placing a lighter touch in the centre of the lips, they will look even plumper and sexy! 
Here's some behind the scene pictures of Emma Watson while they were doing a shoot for this campaign. Just please dont compare her face to mine yaa.. ahahahahahaha..

I think Lancome has presents a must-have item for all the beauty junkie, a lipstick that able to follow woman through and entire day and night. The things that I dont really like about this lipstick are they have some similar colors and for the morning colors, you have to apply 2-3 swap on your lips to make the colors appear. The price is about IDR 280.000, not bad for a good products!

Lizzie Parra


  1. i loove corail in love on you.. so pretty..

    1. yes yes yes corail in love is soo pweetttyyy...hihihihii

  2. yang bibi rose cantik banget :O
    aku punyanya yang nomer 340B (Rose Boudoir

    1. coba deh di mix sm warna lainnya.. hasilnya bisa jd warna lain :D :D

  3. bibi rose beautifull, corail in love awesome

  4. Bibi Rose bagus banget chiiil!!! Gw penasaran sama yg Miss Coquelicot..

  5. Aaaah,, corail in love sama bibi rose cakep bgtttt,,, *mupeng* :D


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