Monday, December 5, 2011


Lately there has been a song that keeps playing in my head whenever I do my activities, even during my busiest days. It really makes me wanna sing it over and over again. That nice song is Apalah (Arti Menunggu) by Raisa, one of the talented young singers in Indonesia. She has a gorgeous hair, face, and surely a beautiful voice. She has her own uniqueness, hence it's not so hard for her to be accepted in Indonesian music industry since most of her songs are so catchy.

Photos courtesy of Andra Alodita

I googled her and found her videos on Youtube. Check her ID (Raisa6690) out. The more I see her videos, the more I get convinced that Raisa really does have a great talent. My favorite song on her Youtube is when she did a cover of Brian McKnight's song, "Still in Love".

Here I embedded her newest music video, Apalah (Arti Menunggu)


Besides, I am also amazed with her personal appearance. Her makeup always looks nice and really shows off her beauty naturally. And her hair is breathtakingly beautiful! It always looks healthy and shinny. No wonder she was selected to be one of the Brand Ambassadors of Sunsilk. Moreover, Sunsilk also created a special TV Commercial for her, "Tantangan 7 hari Sunsilk bersama Raisa" (7 Days of Sunsilk Challenge with Raisa). Oh yes, I am craving to also have the beauty of her hair! LOL!

Check out this TVC and you will understand why I want her hair so badly! Hahahahahaha...

Lizzie Parra

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  1. Raisa emang penyanyi muda berbakat sih. Salah satu youtuber beruntung yang akhirnya bisa mereguk dunia entertainment. :)


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