Friday, October 28, 2011


If you ask me a question, what is  the most important make up that I can't live without

My answer is E.Y.E.L.I.N.E.R.

Yes! I prefer to stay at home than to go outside without eyeliner.

I have many types of eyeliner, pencil, gel, liquid, etc.. starting from the cheapest one like My Darling (only $1) to the expensive one, like Bobbi Brown ($29). And really, I can't get enough for any eyeliner.

I heard about K-Palette eyeliner from my friend, and suddenly she texted me and asked me whether or not I want to buy one, because she was in Singapore at that time..

Without any doubt, I texted her back and said YES!! yihaaa...!!!

After less than a week I've got this super tiny eyeliner :D

Wokay, here's the pro and cons for this eyeliner:

- The brush is very pointy like a pen so it is easier to apply a very define eyeliner on your eyes. 
- The color is a real black.
- It dries quickly.
- It doesn't smudge on you eye crease.
- The shape is so thin, it won't take too much space on your beauty case.
- Easy to remove.
- And it's waterproof!

- Not available in Indonesia.
- Sometimes, when you're in hurry, the brush hair easy to flip to the cap accidentally.

So, after trying this product I can say that I am falling in love with this eyeliner.. Definitely a recommended product that you must try. The price is about Singapore $18.

Lizzie Parra 

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