Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Heyho people, how are you??!!

Today I'd like to write some reviews about my current foundations that I have. As attached in picture below I have 5 foundations to be reviewed..

(left - right) Make Up Forever Liquid Lift Foundation, Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation, Make Up Forever HD Foundation, YSL Perfect Touch Foundation, Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation. I have it all with different shade of colors, just in case I want my skin tanner or paler :)

Okay, lets get started..

1. Make Up Forever Liquid Lift Foundation (Rp. 415.000)

The PROs:
This foundation will give you Medium to Full Coverage, the texture is a lil' bit creamy.
Long lasting! Maybe this is one of the advantage of the creamy texture. It will stay on your face longer, you just have to pad it with loose or compact powder.
This one is also good for mature skin. Because the texture will cover the wrinkles and fine lines.. Perfect for your mom's or grandma's skin, just make sure dont put too much cream on her face ;).
It is good in photograph, enough coverage.

The CONs:
Too much coverage for your daily use
The Bottle is fragile (my friend just dropped it and the liquid was all over the floor!)

2. Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation (Rp. 395.000)

The PROs:
Very natural coverage
The texture is ultra-light gel
Perfect for daily use because it has moisturizer inside
Perfect for normal to dry skin
You can use this also for covering your body for photo shooting.

The CONs:
Not good for photograph (not enough coverage)
The Bottle is fragile

3. Make Up Forever HD Foundation (Rp. 435.000)

The PROs:
There are many type of shade colors you can choose
Very good in photograph
Full coverage
Long lasting on my face
The texture is light-creamy

The CONs:
My skin gets oily faster than usual.
The foundation will get darker in a few hours on your skin, so better use shade that a lil' bit lighter than your skin.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Foundation (Rp. 495.000)

The PROs:
I love the rose scent, it really soothes my mood.
The texture is really light and okay for daily use.
When I use this foundation it feels like my skin is glowing and dewey. It feels like you dont wear anything heavy on your face.
Coverage: medium-light, really recommended for normal to dry skin, it has moisturizer inside.

The CONs:
I dont like the brush applicator, really hard to control and I prefer to use my hand or sponge.

5. Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation (Rp. 475.000)

The PROs:

The texture is light and friendly for your skin
Gives a fresh glow and clean look
Nice coverage (I use 1 shade lighter than my skin tone, but it still suits me well :))
Very moist-friendly for you normal to dry skin
Last longer (more than 8 hours straight in sunny day)
Nice elegant bottle and pump

The CONs:
mmmm... its just GOOD! :D

After trying all of this foundations, all I can say is each product has its PROs and CONs.. It just depends on your occasion. 

I'm not kind of person who likes to wear foundation in my daily basis.. so, I prefer some foundation that light in my face and seems like I dont wear any. For me, I prefer Lancome or YSL for daily use and MUFE HD for photo shoot or more coverage.
I will post my picture using these foundations later :)

Hope my reviews will help you guys!

Lizzie Parra


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