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Some people sometimes repeatedly asking me a question about what is the different between BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers. In this post I want to tell you guys that BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizer are different. They have their own function and advantages. Basically, the ingredients and performance of the two products are very different.

BB creams stands for Blemish Balm Cream. The product basically created to help patients who had gone through some skin surgery. To help soothing and regenerating the skin tissue. That's why maybe BB creams booming in Korea, since we know that Korea is one of the countries that have the best skin surgery (including plastic surgery) in the world. K-pop is influencing the world, that's why BB cream famous in around the world and identical with K-pop singer or actor/actresses.
Most BB cream only have one shade, but some brands created two or more shade. It's maybe because BB creams are originated from Asia and there is one domate skin tone in Asia. Maybe...

Tinted Moisturizer hydrate the skin and even the appearance of the skin tone. They have a lightweight texture, and provide the most sheer coverage of any foundation. Tinted moisturizers combine the two steps into one application, moisturizer and foundation. Additionally, some tinted moisturizers also contain other advantages such as SPF, vitamins or minerals.

Based on my research, I found some differences between BB creams and Tinted Moisturizer, which are:

BB Cream/Blemish Balm Creams
- Has a healing and soothing properties, as the main function is to help regenerating the skin tissue.
- Suitable for most skin types (dry, oily, combination) but you can purchase specific BB’s to address your needs.
- Very limited number of shades at best two color selections if you’re lucky.
- Contains SPF of 35 and higher (most cases higher SPF are found in Korea BB Creams).
- Has anti-aging ingredients.
- Works as a foundation and concealer plus a moisturizer so no other base products are needed.
- Pigmented, Thick, Creamy yet lightweight and breathable are some characters of a good BB Cream
 - Tends to not oxidize or fade away quickly 

Tinted Moisturizer
- Normally a thin consistency compared to a thicker, creamy formula of a BB.
- Has a range of shades to choose from (unlike BB Creams you’ll find better color matches with TM’s).
- Lightweight formula but lacks pigmentation.
- Normally have short wear times
- Very light and good for everyday use. Best for dry skin.

I hope this post wil reduce your confusion :)

My favorites so far are BB Cream from Skin79 and Tinted Moisturizer from Laura Mercier
What's yours?

Stay Awesome,
Lizzie Parra


  1. wow I used to think that they're the same :P

    nice post very informative <3

  2. Emg lbih enak pake bb cream .. lbh ad healing propertiesnya .. haha

    i've followed your blog :) nice 2 meet you ..


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