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This post is dedicated to myself, and also for you who has a curiosity about the process that I've been through to be what I am right now :)

Back in 2 years ago, I was just another graduated student who had been having a big dream of working in a multinational company. My aim was to achieve a managerial position in less than 5 years. Well, God is good, He showed me the way that I finally got a job as a Management Trainee in L’Oreal Indonesia. I achieved a junior manager position in only 2 years. At this point, I never knew that this was only a beginning to something bigger that God has prepared for me. This job has given me a lot of opportunities which opened my eyes on how the world of beauty works

Time went by and I was starting to think that something didn't feel just right. Like this is not my true passion. I really want people to get inspired by seeing what I do. It took me sometimes to think about it over and over again. Until I finally had a bold conformity to take one of the biggest steps in my life.  I started to follow my passion in makeup by quitting my comfort zone as a professional career woman and to work as an entrepreneur / makeup artist instead.

I took my time thoroughly because I want everything to be well-prepared. So before I introduced myself as a Make Up Artist, I made my own branding strategy. Starting from my brand name, Lizzie Parra, which actually comes from my first and last name. Then my logo, my color identity and also my own website . So people would look at me as a real professional makeup artist. Networking is also important for your success as a freelancer, so I started to contact my photographer, agency and also media friends and introduced my self as a make up artist. Was it hard? Yes, It was tough at first. But I just didn't give up and start to build my own branding personality.

Now, it’s been a year since the first time I decided to dare myself to follow my passion. You know you can’t be happier when you love everything you do, it feels like doing your hobby yet it makes money. I have been working with many famous magazines, photographers, models and also sometimes I'm working for Cherrybelle. Oh, I'm so blessed and grateful!

Now, many people have been asking me a lot about how to do the makeup properly or which brand I recommend.  For now, I'm not giving any private make up class, ummm, maybe next year. That's why I blogging to share my works, my tutorial makeup videos, tips, and also recommendation about makeup and skincare. Surprisingly, I was elected by as one of the most inspiring female bloggers in Indonesia (Read the article here). 

Do you want to see the other side of me as a career woman? 

Here, I share some pictures when I worked in  L'Oreal (Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Luxury Fragrance (Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Diesel))

Yves Saint Lauren Beauty 

Some of pictures from the  YSL Parisienne Fragrance Launching 
Me and all YSL team :)
That's me, when lead a press conference for Launching La' Nuit Homme Fragrance from YSL

YSL Beauty Booklet 1st Edition, collaboration with Elle. 
I did face chart and also wrote the steps by myself. ^_^v

Luxury Fragrances 
(Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Diesel)
Diesel Only The Brave Launching
The Big Pony Collection Launching. Posed with the models
As a host for Distributor Gathering for Luxury Fragrances
Strategy, Design and Layout for Christmas in Sogo Plaza Senayan
Independence Day with colleagues. Guess, which one is me?!!

I am so grateful for what I had and have right now. We are all owe to ourselves to recognize our true passion and strength. Once you find it, that's exactly the time you discover your purpose of living in this world. Well, that’s what I’m doing right now, following my passion, living a purposeful life, and keep inspiring people. 

Lizzie Parra


  1. Kak Ichil aku adore banget sama kakak! hebat wanita karir sekaligus bisa bikin perempuan makin cantik ^^

  2. ichill.. ini feli :) just wanna say you really inspiring.. keep doing what you do yaa! never give up on your dream :))

    1. Hihihihi thank you... Mari kita mengejar mimpiiiii hahahahaha

  3. That is amazing how you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone to do what you love. I actually thinking about taking beauty school to become a make up artist. I am not too sure though because I am not young anymore and have 2 children. Hence, I am just started blogging because I love it so much. So thank you for your inspiring story! Pls visit my blog and your support means the world if you join to my blog and subscribe to my youtube. I love being a blogger and enjoy reading everyone's blog and learn from them. Again, thx
    My blog is

    1. haii there :)

      It was really hard at first. The transition from my professional career to entrepreneur. I almost gave up and wanted to come back to my professional world. Hahahaha.. But I know God had a better plan for me, so I decided to stay and improving myself ahahahahahaa..

      btw, I subbed your youtube channel and join your blog :). I love it!!



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