Monday, July 30, 2012


After having a sweet escape to Singapore, I feel like my body energizing itself. 
Ready for facing new days with smile and a lil bit of ache on my feet (yeaa, I walked to much since I refused to ride with taxi and prefer to use public transportation there). 
But it was so fun!!

I bought so many make up things on SEPHORA ION in Orchard road, I almost broke, my wallet almost empty, but it was a happy broke, so it's okay! ahahahahahaha..

Ohya, on the next day Michelle Phan, the famous Youtube beauty guru was also there in ION and Vivo City, but unfortunately I didn't see her, because it was too crowded and I'm not okay enough to be part of the crowd. Yeaah, that's also a reason why I dont like to go to every concert, my feet are just too weak :'(.

On the next day, I also visit Sasa store in Bugis junction and had to hold my self from buying another things! ahahahahaha.. But, finally I decided to buy something, which are blusher and lipstick from Color Combos. A Taiwanese beauty brand. The cute leopard lace packaging just stole my heard.

 The Mineral Lipstick and Mineral Highlight Blusher

The texture of the lipstick is not too creamy nor matte. The coverage is quite sheer, so I have to re-apply it 2 or 3 times to make the color solid. The Package is made from plastic, so somehow it looks cheap and fragile. But I love the color and the texture, because it doesn't make my lips dry.

The blusher has a shimmery, so maybe I can use it also for a highlighter. It has 4 colors in one packaging. I can use it also as a eyeshadow. Quite similar with The Body Shop Shimmer Waves or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, but it has more chalky texture, which I don't really like.

The price is inexpensive. Singapore $8 for the lipstick and $11 for the blush. I think the price worth the quality.

Has many variant of colors
Cute Packaging

Not last longer
The Blusher is a lil' bit chalky
The lipstick is quite sheer, have to re-apply it 2-3 times

Well, I hope you'll find this post will help you to give information about this products.

I'll catch you later, ladies!

Lizzie Parra


  1. Ya ampun lucu banget packagingnya.biar kata hasilnya kurang ok tapi kalau packaging juga lucu tetep aja pengen nyamber ^^

    1. Iyakkk untung ga mahal jd ga nyesel hahahahahaha

  2. Really want go to sasa and sephora..
    Love those lovely lace packaging lipstick...
    The color is also soft pink and lovely

  3. if you realise, for the color combos lipstick, on top of the color can be twisted out & used as lip gloss. *hidden tips*


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