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You know that I have a dark under eye problem that really annoys me a lot! That’s why I tried so many different kinds of texture and colors to covered up my dark circle area.
With so many types of textures and colors, choosing the right concealer sometimes confusing. No one here wants to look like a clown with too white area around your eyes, right? No one cares it was concealer anyways! Hahahaha…
Different problems means different texture and colors. You pick color as close as your natural skin or you need color-correcting concealer to balancing your skin tone.

When you need concealer to match your skin tone, start with half a shade lighter than your foundation. Just as you do when you try to match you foundation, pay attention to the colors like beige (for warm and yellow undertone), neutral or pink/ Ivory (for pink undertone).
If your main problem is dark circle like mine, choose the yellow or warm family (I used MAC NC35 concealer). And for blemishes or dark spot, choose one shade that is lighter than your foundation, but still in the same undertone.
Note: Don’t mix warm to pink undertone, it will look grayish, trust me!

Do you have problem with redness? If you do, you can use color theory to cover it up. Green is the opposite of red, so choose a green primer for redness. It will netralize your skin tone. Orange is the opposite of blue (maybe for those of you who have a noticeable vein) and yellow for purple).
To neutralize purplish dark circles (Caucasian usually have ths), choose a yellow or orange-yellow based concealer. For sun spots or freckles, choose a peachy color, and for redness or blemishes, a green or yellow should do the trick.

When it comes to texture, creamy formula (concealer stick or pot) is for blemishes and dark spots. For the delicate undereye area, you’ll want something lightweight that doesn’t crack. If your dark circles are severe, a creamier consistency will cover best. Just be sure to steer clear from blending into your smile lines and concentrate the pigment on the inner eye and inside of the nose.

Finally, remember: concealer isn’t a magic wand. The right shade and corrector can go a long way toward mitigating discoloration, but don’t expect Photoshop results. It’s still just makeup, and sometimes less really is more. Good luck ☺

Here, I list down my current favorite concealer

Stay Awesome,
Lizzie Parra

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  1. dear Lizzie,
    mohon info donk, concealer untuk mata yang bagus, yang flawless gitu. ga caking kalo lagi keringetan:)

    makasiy ya infonya


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