Thursday, February 7, 2013



Like any girl in this world, I also want my birthday to be special, especially when I celebrate my birthday with my bridal luncheon. Surrounded by best people in my life was definitely made my day!

My Birthday and Bridal Luncheon was held at Madeleine Bistro at Kemang. which happens to be one of the perfect venue since we love French Bistro and the place is so comfortable and picture friendly (yes, the window is so BIG!). I just simply decorate the table with something sweets with my color theme, which are pink, peach and white. Macarons and Bridal Cupcakes from Sugarbites are the highlight for the whole decoration. They made a super cute and delicious macarons and cupcakes! Sweetness everywhere!!!
While I decorated the table with my fiancee, suddenly my girls came into the restaurant with a gift tied with so many balloons! UBERCUTE! Guess what, they gave me Philips Steamer! Since I'll become "ibu2" in less than 3 months so I'll definitely need steamer! Hahahahahaha..! 
We laughed
We shared love and story
And we shared our food! 
And again, I feel GRATEFUL for my life, God is so good and I love Him so much!
Thank you Jesus for giving me another year and also blessed me with people that care and love me for the way who I am :)
The Bride and Bridesmaid Cupcakes and MacaronsMy Bridesmaid sets (the dress, tool kit and cupcakes)The Yummy food!My Family, My everything!The Bridesmaid ToolkitContains of Happydent, Tissue,  Amanplast, Xoncee, Diatabs, Panadol, Beng-Beng, File, Oil Paper, 2 earings.

Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra


  1. Sampe skrg gw masih bingung ni bikin dress nya model gimana

  2. This is perfection! I cannot take my eyes off this post. The cupcakes are perfect and the arrangement is mind blowing. I have saved this post so that even I can organize parties with such beaituful things. My sister is getting married in one of the wedding venues next month and I would love to use this theme for her bridal shower.


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