Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm happy that everybody starting to excited about local products, Make Over for example..
Last week I posted in Instagram a picture of Giorgio Armani, Make Over, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Clinique, and ask my followers which brand that they want me to review..
Most of them answered  Make Over.

So here it is guys :)
Here I have 3 products on my hand,
1. Make Over Silky Smooth Translucent Powder no 2 Rosy
2. Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Navy Blue
3. Make Over Powder Shimmery Eyeshadow which contains 4 colors, blue, purple, plum, white.

 Make Over Silky Smooth Translucent Powder no 2 Rosy
I definitely love this powder!! The texture is super smooth. I dont have to put compact powder after foundation, because it already makes my face set. I think the powder contains of something that makes your face look glowing and flawless. Totally recommended!

Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Navy Blue
If you want to create something different, try to put this navy blue eyeliner instead of your black eyeliner. It will create edgy yet fun look! The texture of the eyeliner is creamy and very pigmented. At first it's easy to wipe off but after seconds I have to wipe my hand over and over because the blue line didn't want to came off from my hand. Hahahahaha..! 

Make Over Powder Shimmery Eyeshadow which contains 4 colors, blue, purple, plum, white.
This is a combo. You buy one and get four! Contains of four pretty shimmery powder eyeshadows. I believe they have another variant colors. This eyeshadows are also pigmented, you can see in my video, just with one swatch you will get one pigmented color on your skin.

I'll make a video for you, just to make you easier to see the swatches

I hope this review will help you to get to know about the brand.

Lizzie Parra


  1. Thanks buat reviewnya~ Yang makeover concealer camouflage itu juga oke lhoo.. Mari kita cintai produk2 Indonesia *promosi* Niwei, menunggu review foundie Maestronya.. ^___^

    1. huahahahah,,

      iya iya tumoro yaa...
      first impression using maestro..
      belom ai colek2 tu smp skrg ahahahhahaha

  2. Aku udah coba yang Make Over Eyeliner warna cokelat. Hasilnya emang bagus banget. Pigmented dan gak menggumpal. :)

  3. mske over ini merk indonesia y?
    aku pernah dengar si, tp gak tau storenya dimana...

    1. banyak koook ada di jakarta sm bandung.. surabaya jg kayanya yaa

  4. Aku baru punya yang warna ungu.. hehe
    aku suka bnget pake make overer yang ini..

  5. Dear Lizzie Parra, where can I find this brand in Jakarta?:)

  6. Boleh juga nih,, dimana saya bisa mendapatkannya??? secara Online bisa gak pak adnmin...

    Ramuan Herbal Untuk Maag Kronis

  7. Ingredient nya boleh tau ga? Soalnya produk saya suka ga cocok dgn pengawet yg dipakai oleh produk lokal


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