Monday, July 23, 2012


I always believe that someday or somehow a love will find a way..
No matter when..
No matter how..

I grew up as an tom-boy girl who really likes to play 'cing benteng', fighting with boys and not really into finding a childhood crush. My mom said that I wouldn't have a boyfriend because I had not been old enough to have one. So, my childhood love life memories are just so-so. I never had great memories about a specific crush.

11 years later..

There was an invitation on Facebook..
My elementary school reunion..Excited!
After 11 years finally I met my childhood friends.. 

Picture taken at the reunion

Well, I never thought that God would lead me to meet my true love..
My other half, My opposite, My partner..

He's my classmate from 1st grade to 6th grade (almost 6 years together at the same class!)..
His first name is Efrat, and mine is Elizabeth, our absence numbers were always next to each other..
We were always close to each other, but never had any feeling about anything..

At the reunion, he almost didn't make it, yet it remains a mystery that he finally made it to come in the last minutes. Clock ticks, time went by, then somewhen, somehow, love found its way..

After two and a half years of ups and downs of being together, we decided to move to a higher level of our relationship

m  a  r  r  i  a  g  e

I have faith that God sent him for me to complete my life.. :)


Last week, we had our engagement party. In our tradition, he has to come to my house with his family to officially propose to my parents to marry me. I was so nervous, my stomach hurts like a thousand butterflies flying inside of it. Before arrived at my house, he mentioned on twitter, said "Heart's beating to its maximum @ichil". That made me really nervous, happily nervous! 

It was indeed a lovely day surrounded by him, my family and my best friends. It was like a dream come true!

God has been so good to us, and I will keep my faith in Him that our relationship will get stronger and better. I'm grateful to the fullest :)

Special thanks to my lovely photographers Andra Alodita, Ricko Sandy and Shakti Siddarta

Hope, Faith and Love :)

Lizzie Para


  1. aaaawww, so sweet, hahahaha, i prepared the mint candy but didnt take it at all. lol
    lain kali ad reuni SD aku semangat dateng ah, who knows, it might end up the way you do. :))

    congratulation ichil, smoga kamu selalu bahagia bersama orang2 tercinta :)

    1. hahahaha...
      dateng ke semua reuniaaan,, siapatau jodohny bkn di SD, tp di SMP, SMA atau kuliah..


  2. what a sweet story~ congratulation lizzie~ *hug*

  3. Hi, I really like your works. I emailed you previously for an appointment, but unfortunately your schedule was available. But that's okay, maybe some time :)

    COngratulations for the engagagement!! :)

  4. Wah, selamat. Semoga langgeng sampai kapanpun. :D


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