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Heyloww ladies,
As I promise on my last post, today I wanna give you my review on Blue Metallic Eyeshadow from Make Up For Ever vs PAC.

Blue is one of my favorite color. I have so many types of blue eyeshadow, start from drug store products to high end products. The one that I love the most is Blue Metallic. Why? Because I love something bold on the eyes, and I love the eye make up to be the centre of attention. That is why I need something very pigmented and a lil' bit of glitters or shimmer on it.

I've tried many brands that carry blue metallic, but today, I will give you a review about the international brand Make Up For Ever compared to Indonesian local brand PAC. And who's the one that said Indonesian brand is not good enough, you have to keep read this post ;).

As you can see bellow, I have two similar kind of blue metallic eyeshadow
Left is Make Up For Ever and Right is PAC

Now, lets try to swatch it up
See! You can clearly see how they worked and you can also see who's the winner :D

Yes, PAC blue metallic is a legend! The color is so creamy and pigmented, the shimmer is also very noticeable..

So, if you're searching for the blue metallic eyeshadow, I recommend you PAC blue metallic eyeshadow! 

You definitely won't regret :D

Lizzie parra

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